Burial Ground Service Review

Closed 18 Mar 2013

Opened 16 Jan 2013

Feedback Updated 31 Jul 2013

We Asked

About your experience of arranging or attending a funeral at an East Lothian cemetery or of visiting an East Lothian cemetery.

You Said

The vast majority of respondents said they were satisfied with the overall provision of burial services. Some common complaints about the standard of maintenance of burial grounds and complaints about specific sites did however emerge.

We Did

We have already responded to some individuals about very specific issues raised. Actions to help resolve some of the most commonly raised issues will be included in a new Burial Ground Strategy which is currently under development. A further survey will take place in two years time to assess the impact of improvements made.

Results Updated 31 Jul 2013

Some ninety responses were received in relation to the Customer Survey. The vast majority of respondents were satisfied with the overall provision of burial services. There were, however, some common complaints about the standard of maintenace of the burial grounds as well as some complaints about specific issues.

More information of the findings and details of how the Council plans to respond can be found below.

In some cases very specific issues were raised by individuals - these were responded to on an individual basis.   



east lothian cemetry

East Lothian Council is keen to gather views on the service it provides in cemetries and in relation to burials.

We would like to hear from anyone who has arranged or attended a funeral at an East Lothian cemetery or visited an East Lothian grave within the last five years.  

If you would like a paper copy of the feedback survey (see below), please phone 01620 827270 or email cgoodwin@eastlothian.gov.uk   


Why We Are Consulting

The information we gather will help us to continue to improve the service we offer in relation to cemetries / burials.


What Happens Next

This consultation is now closed.

We are now looking at the responses we received. Analysis of the findings and the Council's response will be published on the Consultation Hub once available.


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