Adult Learning

Closed 27 Jun 2013

Opened 5 Jun 2013

Feedback Updated 13 Aug 2013

We Asked

About your preferences in relation to adult learning term dates. We also asked how you found out about adult learning classes and how you prefer to enrol / pay for classes.

You Said

50% of respondents said they would prefer term dates to continue as they are. 85% of respondents found out about adult learning via the Council's Living newspaper; 32% found out about it via the Council website. The majority of respondents (45%) said they preferred to enrol / pay for classes online via the Council website; 24% preferred to do so by post; 24% preferred to enrol / pay in person at a Community Centre or Council Office and 8% preferred using the phone.

We Did

We will be sticking to current term dates (with three separate terms). We are still looking at options in relation to advertising the adult learning programme next year, based on the feedback received we may develop a web based information and booking system.


We are looking at how we deliver our Adult Learning Programme. Some of the changes we are currently considering are: 

  • the length of terms;
  • term start and finish dates;
  • how people get information on our Adult Learning Programme;
  • how people book courses.


Why We Are Consulting

We are keen to find out what people using our Adult Learning Service think about how it is currently delivered - we're also interested in hearing from people who may have used our service in the past.



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