Age of Taxi Vehicles - Consultation on Changes to Licensing

Closed 29 Jan 2014

Opened 26 Nov 2013


A number of proposals are being made in relation to the conditions of licence for taxi vehicles. These relate to the age limit currently imposed on taxi vehicles applying for renewal of licence.

It is proposed that:

(i) The age limit condition of licence is removed altogether, to the effect that there would no longer be an age limit on the acceptability of vehicles submitted for renewal of licence. Licensing of a vehicle would thereafter be determined purely on the issue of safety / roadworthiness, irrespective of its age.

(ii) Testing of vehicles being submitted for renewal of licence be increased from on an annual basis to once every six months once the vehicle has reached an agreed trigger age - currently suggested as 6 years (or 12 years in the case of purpose built vehicles).

Full details of the proposals are contained in a report to the Licensing Sub-Committee which can be found under 'Related Documents' below.   


Why We Are Consulting

We are keen to gather the views of the taxi trade in relation to the proposed changes. We would also like to hear the views of other interested parties, including members of the public.

What Happens Next

Feedback received will be reported to the next meeting of the East Lothian Licensing Sub-Committee on the 13th February 2014. The Sub-Committee will consider the responses and decide how to proceed.

Information on the outcome of the Sub-Committee meeting will be available on this consultation page.



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