Age of Taxi Vehicles - Further Consultation on Changes to Licensing

Closed 15 Nov 2014

Opened 1 Oct 2014


Consultation on changes to licensing for taxi vehicles took place late 2013 / early 2014. Following the consultation, a decision was made by the Licensing Sub-Committee to remove the age limit on taxis, but with older vehicles being subject to an additional 'walkaround' examination in between each full annual check. Older vehicles were identified as vehicles more than 6 years old (12 years old for custom built taxis).  

This decision has now, however, been partially overturned following input from the Council's Transportation Division. The decision to remove the age limit will stay in place, but the proposed additional 'walkaround' examination for older vehicles at 6 month intervals between each full annual check has proven to be unworkable for Transportation.  

It is now proposed that taxis above the age of 6 years (12 years for custom built) should either:

(1) Be subject to a single annual check, exactly the same as newer cars, or

(2) Be subject to a full check (at full cost to the applicant) every six months to reflect the fact the vehicle is getting older

Why We Are Consulting

We are keen to gather the views of the taxi trade in relation to the proposed changes. We would also like to hear the views of other interested parties, including members of the public.

What Happens Next

Feedback received will be reported to the next meeting of the East Lothian Licensing Sub-Committee on XXXXXXX. The Sub-Committee will consider the responses and decide how to proceed.

Information on the outcome of the Sub-Committee meeting will be available on this consultation page.



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