Changes to Accessing the Brunton Hall, Musselburgh

Closed 2 Jun 2013

Opened 29 Apr 2013

Results Updated 10 Dec 2013

Following the consultation, it was decided that the back doors of Brunton Hall should be reopened.

  • 11% of respondents agreed with the back doors remaining shut
  • 89% disagreed with the back doors remaining shut
  • 76% said that they had experienced issues with accessing the Brunton Hall while the doors had been closed for the trial period


Reasons given for keeping the back doors open included:

  • The car park is to the north of the building and, therefore, the easiest way to access the building is via the back doors (north entrance).
  • Older people and / or people with mobility issues can find it difficult to get round to the front of the building if they have parked in the car park.
  • Many people who come by foot also come in via the back doors.


A number of additional actions have also been undertaken following the consultation:

  • The heating of the building has been reviewed - heating in some areas was being inadequately controlled.
  • The car parking spaces at the front of the building (the south entrance) have all been made into parking spaces for disabled people.
  • A Queue Management System has been installed at the Customer Service Desk to allow customers to remain seated whilst waiting to be seen.
  • A review of the main foyer has been agreed to look at improving signage, seating and general layout.


A consultation on the Musselburgh Town Centre Strategy has also taken place recently - this may have implications in terms of future improvements to the back entrance of the Brunton Hall.





Brunton Hall

There will be a temporary closure of the back doors at Brunton Hall that lead directly to and from Gracefield Car Park. This closure will take place from Monday 29 April to Sunday 2 June 2013.

This arrangement is a pilot scheme aimed at improving the management of customers visiting the Brunton Hall and the environment within the concourse. At present there are three entrances to the building - this leads to the concourse often being very cold in the winter, making it uncomfortable for members of the public and Council staff. With energy costs increasing, we wish to reduce heat loss from this area.     

Customers visiting Brunton Hall will be re-directed around the building to the front doors on Bridge Street and Ladywell Way. Car parking spaces for disabled badge holders are located adjacent to the front doors of the building on Ladywell Way.

Why We Are Consulting

We would like to hear the views of members of the public in relation to the change to access at Brunton Hall.  

What Happens Next

The Brunton Hall Strategy Group will meet early in July to discuss this and other matters. Feedback received in relation to the consultation will be considered and a decision about the back doors will be made shortly after.


  • Musselburgh East and Carberry


  • Local Residents
  • Visitors / Tourists / Non Residents


  • Customer satisfaction