Development Session Feedback

Closed 9 Jun 2023

Opened 30 May 2023


Development Session Survey: Tell us what you think!

ELHSCP Workforce Team organise various sessions, and would really appreciate your feedback regarding the session you attended recently. 

The survey should take approximately 5 - 10 minutes, and your answers will be kept anonymous. 

Your opinion matters to us, so if you have any more in-depth comments or suggestions, please feel free to email us back with any information you would like to share.

Why your views matter

We care what you think!

Your participation in this survey gives us greater insight into how/if the training benefits you, your opinions on the course will allow us to make any changes that may be needed or if any follow-up is required, and your individual comments will guide us into a better understanding of how the course made you feel.

What happens next

Thank you for your participation!

All the information gathered from this survey will be shared between the Workforce Team. This information will hopefully aid us in future Positive Behavioural Support training courses.


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