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Open Consultations

  • 48 week – Summer Attendance

    Please complete this form to let us know about your child’s nursery attendance for the summer period by Monday 23rd May 2022. You should consider this carefully as you may not be able to change sessions after this date. More

    Closes 23 May 2022


    East Lothian Council gives notice that it intends to make Orders under 82(2), 83(2) and 84 (1) & (2) of the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984 to vary speed limits at various locations throughout East Lothian. A copy of the proposed plans showing the extent of the restrictions and the... More

    Closes 27 May 2022

  • Revised Joint Integration Scheme

    Consultation The NHS and local councils must, by law, work together to deliver some services. How this is made possible is described in a document called the scheme of integration. We are updating this document, and this consultation asks for any comments you may have... More

    Closes 29 May 2022

  • Health & Social Care, Housing and Place Engagement 2022

    This engagement exercise looks at three topics that impact on us all - Health and Social Care, Housing, and Place (the area / neighbourhood we live in). The feedback we gather through this engagement will help to shape three new local strategies: The East Lothian Integration... More

    Closes 31 May 2022

  • Local Housing Strategy 2023-2028 Rural Housing Survey

    This is one in a series of engagement and consultation surveys to help inform the forthcoming Local Housing Strategy (LHS) 2023-2028. The LHS will address how, over a 5 year time-frame, East Lothian Council and its partners plan to address the challenges and opportunities for... More

    Closes 6 June 2022

Closed Consultations

  • Early Learning and Childcare: August 2022 Intake

    The link below is for those parents/carers who have received an offer of a nursery place for August 2022 to respond to confirm the acceptance or refusal of the place. The closing date for responses is Friday 29th April 2022 . (closing date... More

    Closed 1 May 2022

  • Planning for an ageing population

    East Lothian Health and Social Care Partnership (ELHSCP) is responsible for health and social care services in East Lothian. We are investigating the impact that ageing will have on East Lothian’s population and how we can improve services for older people in the future. For the purposes of... More

    Closed 18 April 2022

  • Short Term Let Control Areas

    We are carrying out an 8-week period of consultation to gather opinions from local residents and a wide range of relevant sectors on whether there are particular issues in East Lothian's communities that could mean one or more Control Areas may be required under the Scottish Government's new... More

    Closed 11 April 2022


    It is considered necessary to amend / introduce enforceable waiting / loading restrictions at various locations within Wallyford and around the new Primary School to control indiscriminate parking and improve the free flow of traffic. East Lothian Council intends to make an Order under... More

    Closed 18 March 2022

  • Gambling Statement of Principles

    East Lothian Council is carrying out a consultation exercise on their draft Gambling Statement of Principles. The Gambling Act (2005) requires a Licensing Authority to prepare the Statement they propose to apply in exercising their functions under the Act. The Statement must be reviewed every... More

    Closed 6 March 2022

We Asked, You Said, We Did

Here are some of the issues we have consulted on and their outcomes. See all outcomes

We asked

We asked

We asked your views on the Draft Poverty Plan for 2021 – 2023 that had been prepared by the Council setting out the objectives and actions that should be prioritised over the next two years to tackle poverty in East.

You said

You Said

Twentynine individuals and six organisations responded to the survey. Organisations also took the opportunity to comment on the draft Plan at various meetings. In addition, the views of people with lived experience were recorded and presented as evidence to the consultation. A full report on the results of the consultation, including the comments made by respondents to the online consultation and people with lived experience has been lodged in the Council’s Members Library Service.

The consultation showed overwhelming support for the outcomes and proposed actions detailed in the Draft Poverty Plan.

The common theme of responses to the consultation is that there is a growing urgency that concerted action is needed to tackle the impact of the rise in poverty as a result of the pandemic and other factors such as price inflation and withdrawal of the £20 Universal Credit boost.

We did

We Did

The final version of the Plan – Our policies, plans and strategies - Poverty Plan 2021-2023 | East Lothian Council – was amended to take account of the responses to the consultation.  The amendments included: slightly amended wording for two of the outcomes; clarification that the Plan includes the Child Poverty Plan; clarification that the Plan takes an early intervention and prevention approach to tackling the causes and impact of poverty; and the addition of quotes from people with lived experience to show the impact of poverty on people’s lives and reflect the need for concerted action.

A new East Lothian Poverty Partnership is to be formed with representatives from the Council, NHS, and voluntary and community sectors to review progress with delivering the Poverty Plan and ensuring that concerted action is being taken to reduce poverty in East Lothian.  The Partnership will also be charged with ensuring that the views of people with lived experience are heard and taken into account by the Council and East Lothian Partnership.

We asked

Whether to make a permanent 20mph speed limit covering Dunbar streets north of the railway line, following a trial in 2018-19.

Our aim was to reduce the dominance of motorised traffic, resulting in streets feeling safer for cycling and walking while still allowing the free movement of vehicles. Most streets south of the railway are already covered by a permanent 20mph speed limit.

You said

Around 1500 responses were received, roughly half of which were online and half were responses to the paper consultation which was delivered to every household.

  • 66% of respondents are in favour of retaining the 20mph speed limit, with 28% against and 6% not recording an opinion
  • 56% of those in favour of the speed limit, preferred retaining the 30mph limit on the arterial route (Queens Road/High Street/Belhaven Road)

An additional question was asked about whether the new speed limit should also apply to Kellie Road, but as only 45% of responses were in favour of this.

We did

Your comments have been summarised in a report which will be submitted to Cabinet on 21st January. This includes additional data from speed surveys which show significant reductions in speed, particularly on Belhaven Road and Summerfield Road.

The recommendation of the report is that 20mph limits will be made permanent on all the streets north of the railway in Dunbar, with the exception of the arterial route (Queens Road/High Street/Belhaven Road) which will retain a speed limit of 30mph. The recommendation is that Kellie Road remains at 30mph. There will be a further opportunity to comment as this progresses through the statutory Traffic Regulation Order process.

We asked

For your comments on the Countryside and Coast Supplementary Planning Guidance. 

You said

You made a variety of comments on the document, including the need to protect the countryside and coast from unnecessary or unsympathetic development. Your comments are summarised in a report which can be downloaded as Item 128/19 from the Members Library Service. This Report was available to Councillors before they made the decision on whether or not to approve the Countryside and Coast Supplementary Planning Guidance. 

We did

We considered your comments and made several changes to the Countryside and Coast Supplementary Planning Guidance in response. The changes are shown in Item 128/19 from the Members Library Service.

The Council approved the amended Countryside and Coast Supplementary Planning Guidance at a meeting on 29 October 2019. This guidance will be a material consideration in the determination of planning applications while the East Lothian Local Development Plan 2018 remains in force. The guidance can be downloaded here: Countryside and Coast Supplementary Planning Guidance