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We Asked, You Said, We Did

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We Asked

We asked tenants and registered tenants organisations for their views on our rent consultation and a proposed rent increase of 5%.

You Said

93% of respondents said they were happy with the level of consultation and information they get about the annual rent increase

91% think the rent they pay is good value for money

77% said that they think the proposal to increase rents by 5% is fair

We Did

All the feedback from the consultation was put in a report for the Council's budget meeting on Tuesday 21st February 2017 to inform the Council and Elected Members of the outcome of the consultation. At that meeting a decision was made to increase rents by 5%. We will write out to all our tenants now to tell them what their rent and services changes will be for 2017/18.

We Asked

We asked parents for their views on a range of lunchtime drink options for primary schools.

You Said

1,043 responses were received from parents:

  • 97% said they would like plain water to be available
  • 94% said they would like semi-skimmed milk to be available
  • 48% said they would like naturally flavoured milk drinks to be available
  • 58% said they would like fruit juice mixed with water to be available

Comments received included:

* Some parents were concerned about tooth decay if drinks other than milk and water were on offer

* Other parents were worried that there would not be enough choice for children if drinks were limited to milk and water.

We Did

We have listened to the feedback received and also considered advice from the British Dental Health Foundation. Based on this, we have decided to make the following changes:

  1. We have introduced a second water and milk only day onto the weekly menu - Mondays and Wednesdays will now be water and milk only days - this should help encourage children to drink more water / milk
  2. We have introduced a sugar free naturally flavoured milk drink for Thursday lunchtimes. This will add more variety to the menu, particularly for children who would not usually choose milk. If such drinks are consumed along with a meal any risk of tooth decay is significantly reduced.

We Asked

We asked stakeholders for their views on proposals to relocate Wallyford Primary School and to change the Wallyford Primary School catchment area.

You Said

Respondents were overwhelmingly supportive of the proposal to relocate Wallyford Primary School (89% either agreed or strongly agreed), only a few respondents disagreed with this aspect of the proposal. A majority of stakeholders also either agreed or expressed no opinion regarding the proposal to change the catchment area (69% strongly agreed, agreed or had no opinion).  

We Did

East Lothian Council has made a decision to go ahead with plans to build a new primary school in Wallyford and to vary the school catchment area. Work will now go ahead to appoint contractors for the design and build of the new school which is due to open in the autumn term of 2018.