Rent Level Consultation 2024/25

Closes 15 Dec 2023

Opened 31 Oct 2023


East Lothian Council consults with tenants, tenants and residents' groups and East Lothian Tenants & Residents Panel (ELTRP) on any proposals to increase rents.  We know decisions about rent and how we spend the money we collect is extremely important.  The money you pay in rent goes towards the cost of providing you with the services you receive as a council tenant.  This year the council is considering three options for a 2024/25 rent increase.

Why your views matter

We value your views on the council's Rent Level Consultation and proposed rent increase.  A letter and questionnaire has been sent to all council tenants, you can view a copy of these documents by clicking on links below.

The council is aware that for many tenants the current financial climate is placing huge stresses on household finances notably around energy costs and the price of food.

We urge you to take part in our consultation, we value your views on the proposed rent increase.  Please spare a few minutes to share your views by completing our questionnaire below.

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