Re-shaping Our Drugs and Alcohol Services in Midlothian and East Lothian

Closed 9 Aug 2013

Opened 17 Apr 2013

Results updated 4 Dec 2013

A report has been produced summarising the consultation findings and making a number of recommendations for improvements to services.

A Service User and Carer Reference Group has now been formed so that further involvement of stakeholders can take place. The Group meets every 6-8 weeks to explore some of the comments made during the consultation in more depth and to look at the areas for improvement. The Group will be involved in ongoing discussions in relation to service redesign.




Mid and East Lothian Drug and Alcohol Partnership (MELDAP) is made up of a number of different groups such as the NHS, Police, Councils and the Voluntary Sector.

MELDAP works with others to deal with the problems caused by drug and alcohol as well as making sure that money is well spent and gives good value.

Why your views matter

We are undertaking this consultation to help re-shape our service provision. To make sure the changes are the right ones, we need to hear from as many people as we can.

We would really like to hear from people who have used or are currently using our services, family members, carers, people in recovery, our service providers and the wider community.

We want to hear about what works, what doesn't work and what could be done better.

All your views are welcome.


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