Getting it Right for all East Lothian's Children and Young People - The Children and Young People's Service Plan

Closed 20 Dec 2015

Opened 13 Nov 2015

Feedback updated 1 Mar 2016

We asked

What you thought of the Draft Plan that had been put together. Specifically we wanted to know what you thought of the vision, values and priorities outlined in the Draft.

You said

All of the online responses we received said that they agreed with the vision and values we had outlined and most (84%) said they agreed with the priorities identified. Individuals and organisations also made a range of specific suggestions about the Draft Plan’s contents.

We did

Many of the points raised during the consultation were incorporated in the development of a Final Draft (you can view the Final Draft below – the amendments made as a result of feedback received are highlighted). The Children’s Strategic Partnership met in January 2016 to consider the Final Draft and this will now go to a meeting of the Resilient People Partnership in March. It is anticipated that the new East Lothian Children and Young People’s Strategy will be formally launched at the end of March 2016.

Results updated 1 Mar 2016



Welcome to the Draft Children and Young People's Services Plan 2016-2019 consultation.

The Draft Plan provides information about services for and about children, young people and families in East Lothian and makes proposals for improving outcomes for our children and young people's health and wellbeing.

We are asking everyone in East Lothian to tell us what they think about the Draft Plan, including children and young people themselves.

This consultation exercise will run until the 13th of December (if you miss the deadline we will still aim to take into account comments made in writing to up until the 21st December).

You can take a look at the full version of the Draft Plan under 'Related Documents' below . You can then tell us what you think of the full version of the Plan by completing our online consultation questionnaire.

If you would prefer to simply submit a written response, you can do so by emailing comments to

There is also a slideshow under 'Related Documents' which provides a shorter, user friendly summary - there's a link to a short online survey at the end of the slideshow where you can share your views on what you've read.

You can also request for someone to facilitate a session with a group that you are involved with. This session will provide your group with an opportunity to get information about the Plan and give feedback. To find out more about arranging a session please email

Paper versions of all the documents described are available from your local council office or library.  


Why your views matter

The East Lothian Council Community Planning Children's Strategic Partnership would like to know what you think about the Draft Plan before they finalise it at the end of the year.

We'd like to gather the views from residents across East Lothian and are particularly keen to hear from children and young people.

Feedback received will be used to further develop the Plan which will direct the work of the East Lothian Children's Strategic Partnership over the next 3 years.

Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey which will help shape the way we provide services for children, young people and families. 




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