Summer Activities for Children and Young People with Additional Support Needs

Closed 14 Feb 2013

Opened 29 Jan 2013

Feedback updated 19 Mar 2013

We asked

Which arts, museum and sports activities children and young people with Additional Support Needs would be most interested in. We also asked what would encourage their involvement.

You said

Parents and carers told us they were keen for their children / young people to participate and that it was a good opportunity for them to meet new people and to have fun. They suggested arts activities went down well, particularly music, movement and making things. They would like to see swimming, horse-riding and archery added to the programme. Barriers to involvement included lack of more local opportunities (for some) and transport difficulties. It was felt that the provision of 1:1 support for children and young people would be very beneficial.

We did

We will take this feedback into account when developing our 2013 Summer Programme and hope to be able to add new activities that reflect what people have told us. We will improve how we keep parents up to date with what is available via the use email and text (as well as postal updates for those who suggested they prefer this method).

Results updated 19 Mar 2013

The questionnaire was circulated to:

  • Family-led Information Point (FLIP) parents via email, post and Facebook
  • Parents and carers working with the Children's Wellbeing Disability Team by post
  • The general public via the Council's online Consultation hub


Forty-three responses were received.

A report providing an analysis of the feedback received has been produced - you can view this by following the link below.  




The purpose of this questionnaire is to find out which arts and museum activities your child would like to come along to this summer. 

Why your views matter

Your participation will assist the Arts, Museums & Sports Development Services to plan a programme that better meets your needs.


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