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  • Review of Statement of Licensing Policy - Stakeholder Consultation

    East Lothian Licensing Board is currently conducting a consultation on its draft Statement of Licensing Policy. The Board is required to consult with all relevant interested parties on any proposed revision to its policy that must be produced within 18 months of a local council election. The... More
    Opened 2 weeks ago
  • Scottish Fire & Rescue Service - Your Service.... Your Voice

    A public consultation is being carried out on the safe and planned future of the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service. The creation of the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service (SFRS) in 2013 has been good for Scotland. The Service has continued to improve the safety and wellbeing of communities... More
    Opened 1 month ago
  • Calling All Carers

    An Invitation to Get Involved Work is underway to develop a new East Lothian Carer Strategy. We have set up a Carers' Strategy Group to help take this forward. We'd love to hear from carers who might be interested in getting involved in a range of activities aimed at shaping the new... More
    Opened 6 months ago
  • Join the East Lothian Citizens' Panel

    East Lothian Citizens' Panel - Want to have your say? Join the Panel today! The East Lothian Citizens' Panel is an important way for services such as the Council, NHS, Fire & Rescue Service and Police to gather feedback from residents. As a Panel member you'll receive occasional surveys... More
    Opened 2 years ago
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