Budget Consultation

Closed 18 Dec 2022

Opened 1 Dec 2022



Like other local authorities across Scotland, East Lothian Council is facing unprecedented budget challenges due to constrained funding, increasing costs and a growing population.  This will mean that the council and its partners will need to make difficult decisions about the services we deliver over the next five years.

The size of the budget gap presents a huge challenge – with net spending reductions of up to 25% needed by 2027/28.  We understand that this comes at a time when residents and businesses are also facing huge pressure from cost of living increases whilst they work to recover from the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic.  As a council we remain committed to supporting local people and communities, and ensuring that our resources are used as effectively as possible to deliver on our priorities.

Why your views matter

We recognise the important role that local people, our communities and partners have to play in shaping local services.  We therefore invite you to take part in this initial phase of our budget consultation, to help us understand what is important to you.  Your views will help us to plan how our resources are directed in the future to ensure that the council continues to effectively meet the needs of local communities.

This represents the first stage of the council’s budget consultation.  Further opportunities to have your say on budget savings proposals and opportunities for 2023/24 to 2027/28 will be provided as we move into 2023.

How our services are funded

Council Tax accounts for around 23% of total funding.

The rest of our funding comes through grants from Scottish Government, and reserves held by the council.


Each year we spend:

  • £16.6 million on Early Learning & Childcare
  • £4.3 million on Footpaths, street lighting, roads, winter maintenance, structures and flood prevention
  • £28.1 million on Services for Older People
  • £3.8 million on Culture & Sports Services
  •  £1.9 million on Homelessness & Housing Strategy
  • £18.4 million on Services for Children’s & Families
  • £38.8 million on Services for vulnerable adults
  • £11.3 million on Services for Children with Additional Needs
  • £48.9 million on Primary School Education
  • £49.5 million on Secondary School Education
  • £6.1 million on Other Education, skills and Adult Learning
  • £2.9 million on Planning, Regeneration & economic development
  • £10.6 million on Libraries, Registration, community centres, customer information services and other neighbourhood services
  • £6.4 million on council owned property
  • £5.9 million on Country parks, open space, play areas, street cleaning and cemeteries
  • £9.8 million on Recycling and Waste Management Services


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