Parents' Survey

Closed 15 Jun 2015

Opened 18 May 2015

Results updated 1 Mar 2016

The survey was analysed and results were produced for each individual Parent Council. Parent Councils and Headteachers received a copy of their own results. The feedback received will be used by Parent Councils to help inform their future development.  


This survey is being conducted by the Parental Involvement Team at East Lothian Council Education Department.  The results of the survey will inform our next steps in updating the current Parental Involvement Strategy for East Lothian.

Parents and carers are the most important influence throughout a child’s education and parental involvement in learning makes a real difference to children’s achievements.  Everyone benefits (children, parents and teachers) when parents and schools work effectively together to support learning.

Parent Councils help parents and carers to become more actively and effectively involved in their children’s learning. They were established under the Scottish Schools (Parental Involvement) Act 2006 in recognition of the important role that parents can play, both in their own children’s learning, and in the life of a school.  Parent Forum is the collective name for every parent, carer or guardian at a school.



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