Secondary School Provision in Musselburgh - Pre-Consultation

Closed 31 Jul 2015

Opened 24 Jun 2015

Results updated 9 Feb 2016

The pre-consultation on secondary school provision in Musselburgh generated 261 responses. Although no clear conclusions could be drawn the information gathered will be used to assist in the evaluation of potential sites and type of education provision.


East Lothian Council wants to seek your views on possible types of new secondary school provision in the current Musselburgh area.

This pre-consultation exercise will help inform the Council, in addition to a formal consultation exercise which is scheduled for later in 2015. As it becomes known, other information such as site availability, funding and government support will also help to inform the Council as to the best long term option for education in Musselburgh.

East Lothian Council’s Main Issues Report proposes a strategy that may result in a significant number of new homes being built in Musselburgh over the next 10 years. Should this happen, there will be a need to increase the number of secondary school places from 1350, the maximum capacity of the current Musselburgh Grammar School to around 2550.

The Council is proposing that the requirement for extra places be met by one of three options - you can find out more about each of these options under 'Related Documents' below.


  • Musselburgh East and Carberry
  • Musselburgh West


  • Local Residents
  • Parents & Guardians
  • Children & Young People
  • School staff


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  • Education
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