Countryside and Coast - Supplementary Planning Guidance - East Lothian Local Development Plan 2018

Closed 18 Aug 2019

Opened 5 Jul 2019

Feedback updated 7 Nov 2019

We asked

For your comments on the Countryside and Coast Supplementary Planning Guidance. 

You said

You made a variety of comments on the document, including the need to protect the countryside and coast from unnecessary or unsympathetic development. Your comments are summarised in a report which can be downloaded as Item 128/19 from the Members Library Service. This Report was available to Councillors before they made the decision on whether or not to approve the Countryside and Coast Supplementary Planning Guidance. 

We did

We considered your comments and made several changes to the Countryside and Coast Supplementary Planning Guidance in response. The changes are shown in Item 128/19 from the Members Library Service.

The Council approved the amended Countryside and Coast Supplementary Planning Guidance at a meeting on 29 October 2019. This guidance will be a material consideration in the determination of planning applications while the East Lothian Local Development Plan 2018 remains in force. The guidance can be downloaded here: Countryside and Coast Supplementary Planning Guidance


The East Lothian Local Development Plan 2018 (LDP) is the development strategy for the future development of East Lothian to 2024 and beyond.  It sets out where new development should and should not occur, including new housing, education, economic and retail development, new transport links, and other infrastructure as well as the detailed policies used to determine planning applications. This plan has now been adopted, and the policies within it are now set.

This consultation is on the proposed Countryside and Coast Supplementary Planning Guidance.  This gives additional guidance on the following LDP policies:

  • Policy DC3 Replacement Dwellings in the Countryside
  • Policy DC4: New Build Housing in the Countryside
  • Policy DC5: Housing as Enabling Development
  • Policy DC6: Development in the Coastal Area
  • Policy DC8: Countryside Around Town

The role of Supplementary Planning Guidance such as this is to expand upon existing Local Development Plan policy. We are therefore not seeking your comments on the policies themselves. We are seeking your views on how these policies are to be applied and interpreted through the Supplementary Planning Guidance. We are interested in whether you agree with which types of development require a coastal or countryside location, whether you think we have identified the right qualities of the coastal area, and whether the design guidelines are suitable.

Comments can be made by completing the online survey (see below). The survey will close at 11.59 pm on Sunday 18 August 2019. Your comments must be submitted by this time - there is a button at the end of the survey labelled 'SUBMIT' - partially completed surveys will not be received by us.

Or, you can email the Policy & Strategy team at:,

Or write to us at:  Policy & Strategy, Planning Service, East Lothian Council, John Muir House, Haddington EH41 3HA. 

Comments made via email or post must be received by 18 August 2019.


Why your views matter

We are seeking your views on the proposed Countryside and Coast Supplementary Planning Guidance. The Council will take your views into account prior to finalising this document. 

What happens next

Thank you for completing the consultation. The Council will consider your comments prior to the next stages towards adoption of the Countryside and Coast SPG. We expect to submit this to Council for approval before the end of  2019.



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