Meeting the housing needs of 16-30 year olds in East Lothian

Closed 7 Sep 2022

Opened 8 Aug 2022

Results updated 25 Jan 2023

The purpose of the ‘young people survey’ was to target those aged 16-30 years old living in East Lothian and give them the opportunity to have their say on their housing needs by offering a more tailored questionnaire. This survey forms part of a range of surveys which were conducted between February and September 2022 to inform the next Local Housing Strategy 2023-2028. Previous surveys such as the Early Engagement Survey and the Rural Survey did not gauge much interest from young people. The design and advertisement of this survey allowed the Council to capture the key issues, opinions and opportunities relating to housing within East Lothian from young people aged 16-30.

The results of the survey can be found within the file attached below.



This survey is one in a series of engagement and consultation surveys to help inform the forthcoming Local Housing Strategy (LHS) 2023-2028.

The LHS will address how, over a 5 year time-frame, East Lothian Council and its partners plan to address the challenges and opportunities for housing and housing related services across all tenures. Listening to the individuals and communities across East Lothian is critical for understanding what issues matter most and how best to move forward.   

We are aware that where you live, the communities you are part of and your personal circumstances, such as health and age, can influence your experience of housing and housing related services. Therefore, the Housing Strategy Team are focusing on a wide range of topics within our engagement series.

This survey is concerned with the housing needs and priorities of young people aged 16-30.

To stay updated on upcoming engagement opportunities and to find out more about our work, visit our website at Housing | East Lothian Council or contact us via email at

Why your views matter

Young people face particular challenges when they want to move away from the family home, including – affordability, lack of choice, and access to support.

The Housing Strategy Team would like to hear about your needs, experiences and aspirations of living in East Lothian.

Hearing about your housing challenges is vital to us. Thank you for taking part.


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