Neilson Park Road and Victoria Road, Haddington - Proposed Experimental Traffic Regulation Order - Prohibition of Vehicular Traffic (During School Travel Periods)

Closed 22 Feb 2013

Opened 31 Jan 2013


The Council is proposing to introduce an Experimental Traffic Regulation Order (TRO) at two locations near to schools in Haddington. The Order will prohibit vehicular traffic in Neilson Park Road and Victoria Road during specified school traffic time periods.

These two locations have been experiencing ongoing significant pedestrian road safety issues caused by drivers bringing their vehicles too close to the school gates. More details can be found in the Cabinet report below (under 'Related Documents'), including the specific locations that the Order will apply to.   

Why your views matter

Statutory consultation has already taken place in relation to this proposed Traffic Regulation Order. Further responses from interested parties are now invited.


  • Haddington and Lammermuir


  • Local Residents


  • Traffic & transport