Rent Consultation 2014/15

Closed 10 Jan 2014

Opened 6 Nov 2013

Feedback updated 9 Apr 2014

We asked

Council tenants for their views on the proposed rent increase.

You said

84% of respondents felt the proposed rent increase of 4.3% was fair.

We did

A final decision was made to increase rent and service charges by 4.3%.

Results updated 9 Apr 2014

Thank you to everyone who took the time to respond to our rent consultation this year, the consultation is now closed. All the feedback received from tenants during the consultation has been looked at and has informed the consultation report that went to the Council's Special Budget Meeting on the 11th February.

Councillors considered the response to the consultation and made a final decision on the rent and service charges increases, which was agreed at 4.3%. We wrote to all our tenants with that decision at least four weeks before the actual rent increase date of 7th April 2014 and advised them of what their new rent charge would be.

A total of 1,241 completed questionnaires were returned (268 more than last year), along with four telephone responses and one written response.

Feedback received showed that:

  • 93% of respondents were happy with the level of consultation and information they get about the annual rent increase
  • 88% said they think the rent they pay is good value for money 
  • 84% think the Council is proposing a fair rent increase of 4.3% 
  • 94% agree with the Council's commitment to build new houses to help address the housing situtation in East Lothian
  • 97% agree that the Council should continue to modernise its existing stock (e.g. kitchen and bathroom replacement)
  • 94% agree that their rent should be used to pay for the following key areas - service delivery, modernisation of council houses and delivery of new affordable homes
  • The majority of tenants (52%) said that a fortnightly payment frequency best suits their household budget
  • Most tenants (64%) said that they would prefer to keep rent payment breaks and pay a higher amount over 24 fortnights


The Rent Increase Consultation Register is lodged in the East Lothian Council Members' Library.



council houses

The Council is currently consulting with tenants on a potential rent increase of 4.3% for 2014/15. This is our best estimate of what it will take to maintain existing services and continue our investment in the maintenance and improvement of council houses in this difficult and uncertain financial climate.

Once the consultation is closed, we will analyse all responses and prepare a report for a meeting of the full Council. At a special meeting in February 2014, Councillors will consider the consultation responses and make a final decision on the rent and service charges increases.

Why your views matter

We want to gather Council tenants' views on the proposed rent increase for 2014/15.


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