Rent Consultation

Closed 18 Jan 2013

Opened 3 Dec 2012

Results updated 27 Mar 2013

Consultation responses were analysed and a report went to a meeting of East Lothian Council in February 2013.



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The Council is currently consulting with tenants on a potential rent increase of 4.3% for 2013/14. This is our best estimate of what it will take to maintain existing services and continue our investment in the maintenance and improvement of council houses in this difficult and uncertain financial climate.

Once the consultation is closed, we will analyse all responses and prepare a report for a meeting of the full Council. At a special meeting in February 2013, Councillors will consider the consultation responses and make a final decision on the rent and service charges increases.

Why your views matter

We want to gather Council tenants' views on the proposed rent increase for 2013/14.


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