Climate Change Consultation Events

Closed 14 Oct 2018

Opened 18 Sep 2018


East Lothian Council is developing a Climate Change Strategy, which will set out a coordinated approach and action plan to contribute to a reduction in the carbon emissions which cause global warming, raise awareness of climate change challenges and opportunities in East Lothian, and prepare for the future effects of climate change.

We would like to hear your views on what the Council and the wider East Lothian community, including local organisations, businesses and individuals, can do to reduce our carbon emissions, be more sustainable, and promote resilient communities that can adapt to the future effects of climate change. Many local groups and organisations are already making a difference in our communities and we can achieve even more by working together on this.

  • What actions could the Council take to reduce carbon emissions and be more sustainable?
  • How can the Council work in partnership with East Lothian’s communities to help achieve this?


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