East Lothian Path Upgrades Feasibility Study : Railway Walks Improvements

Closed 31 Jan 2014

Opened 28 Nov 2013


Are you familiar with the Haddington to Longniddry Railway Walk or the Pencaitland Railway Path? Are you aware of the existence of these paths? Do you use either of these paths at present? If not, why not and what would encourage you to use these paths?

East Lothian Council would like to hear what improvements would encourage you to use either (or both) of these paths for walking, cycling, horse riding or other non-motorised access? We are particularly keen to hear from people who do not currently use these paths.  

East Lothian Council has employed a consultant to carry out a Feasibility Study on the upgrading of a number of paths in East Lothian. The paths we are considering in this consultation are:

  • the Pencaitland Railway Path
  • the Longniddry to Haddington Railway Walk


Upgrades to these paths may include resurfacing with a bound material such as tarmac or similar. The consultant's report will consider the options that are available and the pros and cons of different surface types.

These routes are strategically important and we'd like to encouarge new users to walk, cycle and ride in a safe and traffic free environment.  

Example of potential improvements to the Railway Paths that may encourage people to use them include:

  • A tarmac surface
  • Another type of sealed surface
  • Better signs or information
  • Better maintenance, e.g. improvements to drainage or cutting back of overhanging vegetation
  • More bins for dog waste


Why your views matter

We are seeking the views of a range of stakeholders and would be grateful for any thoughts that you may have on the upgrading of these paths or any other improvements that could be made.

A range of organisations with an interest in this matter have already been contacted directly for their views.


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