Future Spaces for People in East Lothian - young people

Closed 26 Nov 2021

Opened 1 Nov 2021

Results expected 17 Dec 2021


This survey gives you, as a young person living in East Lothian, the chance to have your say on recent projects which aim to make it better for walking and cycling, including the trial of lower speed limits in our towns.


The new lower speed limits were put in to make it safer for walking and cycling when people were not allowed to travel far during the Covid-19 pandemic. The speed limits have made cars travel more slowly in most places, and you can see the measurements here. (Click on the points on the map to see data for each location).

Where speeds have not reduced much, we could put up extra signs or, as a last resort, introduce speed humps to encourage drivers to slow down.

More information about the whole Spaces for People project can be found at www.eastlothian.gov.uk/spaces-for-people

Why your views matter

We would like to hear your views which includes how you currently travel around East Lothian to go to school, visit friends or shopping and what improvements you would like.

What happens next

Councillors (elected members) will use feedback from the surveys, from the emergency services, and the speed data we have collected to reach a decision on whether to make the changes permanent. 


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