Local Transport Strategy Consultation

Closed 31 Aug 2011

Opened 1 Jun 2011

Feedback updated 8 Nov 2012

We asked

For your views on the priorities, scope and content of the revised Local Transport Strategy

You said

That improvements to public transport are most important followed by provision of better facilities for walking and cycling

We did

Comments gathered during the consultation process have been taken into account in drafting a new Local Transport Strategy. The new Strategy will be submitted to the Council for approval in 2013

Results updated 30 Oct 2012

The feedback received in relation to the Local Transport Strategy Consultation is helping to inform the development of a new Strategy for East Lothian.



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East Lothian Council is updating its Local Transport Strategy (LTS) and wants to hear the views of organisations and individuals about key transport issues.

The current LTS was published in 2001 and needs revised in order to reflect changes that have occurred since then (including changes to other Council policies).

East Lothian Council’s Transport Spokesperson Councillor Barry Turner said:

“Transport is fundamental to today’s society whether it is for work or leisure or the delivery of the goods and services. The Council’s ‘Contract with the People’ calls for a sensible transport strategy to meet these requirements but we also recognise that transport planning is not simply about choosing and developing different travel options but considering ways of reducing the overall need for travel.”

With this is mind, the Council has produced a consultation paper and is seeking views on what the priorities, scope and content of an updated LTS should be. The following questions are included in the consultation :

  • What are the transport priorities that you would like to see addressed?
  • What would you like to see in terms of sustainable transport for East Lothian?
  • What would encourage to you to walk and cycle more?
  • What would encourage you to use public transport more?
  • What are your thoughts on reducing the overall need to travel?


Why your views matter

We want to gather people's views on transport, including their transport priorities and how they would like to see transport develop in East Lothian in the future.

This information will help to inform the development of our new Local Transport Strategy.



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