Community Response Annual Survey 2012

Closed 2 Mar 2012

Opened 8 Feb 2012

Feedback updated 6 Nov 2012

We asked

What service users thought of the Community Alarm / Telecare service they received.

You said

There was a high level of satisfaction with the service received. 92% of respondents said that staff installing their equipment were polite and courteous and had shown them how to use the equipment. 95% expressed satisfaction with contacting the service - this included satisfaction with the speed of response, actions taken and how the call was handled. 96% said they felt confident using the system. In terms of feedback that requires action - it was found that only 50% of respondents tested their pendants regularly.

We did

We will continue to work to maintain such high levels of satisfaction. We will look at what can be done to encourage regular testing of pendants.

Results updated 6 Nov 2012

250 questionnaires were sent out to a sample of East and Midlothian service users - 137 of these were returned (a response rate of 54%).

Feedback received was very positive, with a high level of satisfaction with all aspects of the service.

A good return rate and an impressive number of positive comments show that this is a service that is appreciated by its users and that they feel a good level of engagement with it.



service user

This is an annual survey to gather the views of customers receiving a Community Alarm or Telecare service from the Council.

Service users from both Mid and East Lothian will be asked about their experience of using these services and whether there are any improvements they think necessary.

Service users will be sent a questionnaire via the post and will be provided with a stamped addressed envelope to return it in.  


Why your views matter

By carrying out a consultation we hope to be able to measure the level of satisfaction with the Community Alarm / Telecare Services. We also hope to gather information on any   improvements customers would like to see.

Repeating this exercise on an annual basis helps us to judge whether our performance is improving year on year.


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