Local Area Office and Library Customer Satisfaction Exit Survey

Closed 30 Mar 2012

Opened 1 Mar 2012

Feedback updated 5 Feb 2013

We asked

About your experience when visiting our Local Area Offices and Libraries. We were interested in finding out more about the quality of customer service received.

You said

Customers told us they were generally very satisfied with the service they had received. Although feedback was very positive, there were a number of issues raised in relation to some aspects of the service provided.

We did

We have developed an Action Plan to help address the issues raised - this can be viewed by following the link above (under 'Results'). We will be repeating our Exit Survey every second year - the next one is due in 2014.

Results updated 5 Feb 2013



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East Lothian Council is carrying out an Exit Survey at its main Local Area Offices and Libraries.

Customers will be interviewed by an indendent interviewer as they leave Council Local Offices and Libraries  - this will allow us to get their views on the service received whilst it is still fresh in their minds.

Topics covered will include:

  • The time take to deal with their enquiry
  • How polite, helpful and knowledgeable staff were
  • How clear and relevant any information received was
  • How satisfied they were with how their enquiry was resolved


Why your views matter

Feedback from customers will help us to measure how well we are performing in relation to delivering excellent customer service - it will also help us to identify any improvements needed.

What happens next

A report has been produced outlining the findings of the Exit Survey (see below).

Meetings will be held with groups of frontline staff to look at the report's findings and to generate ideas on how customer service can be improved. An Action Plan for Improvement will then be developed and shared with customers - this will follow the format of 'We Asked, You Said, We Did'.  


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