Housing Options

Closed 9 Feb 2015

Opened 30 Jan 2015


We need your views to help the Council, local housing associations and private house builders develop different housing options to meet local housing need and demand in East Lothian. Your views will be invaluable in helping us to provide some real solutions.

We would like to hear your views on housing options, such as:

*Mid Market Rent, where the rent charged is higher than social/ council housing but less than private sector rents

*Shared Ownership where people can buy an initial share of between 25% and 75% in their home, using a deposit and mortgage, then pay a reduced rent to a housing association on the remainder

*Shared Equity where the buyer receives a government backed loan which acts as part of the deposit on a property. The buyer will still need to take out a mortgage on the remainder of the property price

*Discounted Sale - where the developer sells a new build property at a discount to eligible buyers, such as first time buyers or key workers

Please help us by completing a very short survey about housing options. This should take no longer than five minutes


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