People with Autism and Parent / Carers in East Lothian (National Autism Mapping Project)

Closed 28 Feb 2013

Opened 23 Jan 2013


The National Autism Mapping Project is being conducted in partnership with the National Autistic Society, Scottish Autism and Autism Initiatives. To further the vision of the Scottish Strategy for Autism, these organisations have been asked by the Scottish Government to find out how current services are working together to meet the needs of people with autism or Asperger syndrome. They also want to find out about how communities support people in their lives.

In order to do this, two questionnaires have been developed that cover a variety of topics, which will help complete the mapping exercise. 

Why your views matter

The Scottish Government wants to know about individuals experiences of provision for people on the Autistic Spectrum. They are interested in gathering information from people throughout Scotland, including East Lothian.



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  • Parents & Guardians
  • Disabled People
  • Service Users


  • Children & young people
  • Adult Social Care
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