Proposed Changes to Prestonpans Library and Aldhammer House

Closed 24 Jun 2016

Opened 2 May 2016

Feedback updated 10 Mar 2017

We asked

We asked for your views on proposals to move customer services from Aldhammer House to Prestonpans Library.

You said

The majority of respondents said that they wanted the two services to remain in separate buildings and did not want to see any changes to the Library building. A small majority (54%) said they would like increased Library opening hours.

We did

  • We decided not to relocate customer services to Prestonpans Library
  • We decided that more use could, however, be made of the Library building
  • We decided to increase the opening hours to allow more school classes to visit - the Library will be open for an additional 6 hours a week, opening from 9am each morning (10am on a Wednesday and Saturday) - this will be reviewed in a year to see whether it has resulted in increased usage
  • We will make changes to layout to allow more private space for people using computers (this will not involve creating interview rooms)
  • Vacant space in Aldhammer House is now being used by the Capital Credit Union
  • No further changes to Aldhammer House are likely to occur until a fuller review takes place of public sector accomodation in Prestonpans 

Results updated 6 Mar 2017

You can read a summary of the consultation survey feedback and view responses to each of the questions below.



This survey is part of a consultation exercise on proposals to move Customer Services from Aldhammer House to Prestonpans Library. This would regenerate the existing library in Prestonpans into a new shared facility delivering a wider range of Council and partner services to the public. 

There are currently three shared facilities in East Lothian based within the Bleachingfield Centre (Dunbar), George Johnstone Centre (Tranent) and the North Berwick (School Road, North Berwick). Staff at these facilities provide a wider range of customer services including library, housing, payment and welfare related support services.

Customer services and the library service are currently provided at two separate sites in Prestonpans - Aldhammer House and the existing Library building in Prestonpans.

To enable us to extend the service available to existing library customers and allow us to develop our services further it is proposed that the two groups of staff are brought together within the existing Library building, creating a shared facility.

The proposed changes would result in approximately 14 additional library opening hours per week, although the library would close at 7pm instead of 7:30pm (this does, however, reflect findings of a recent review into current usage patterns).

Some adjustments are required to the physical layout of which will include the creation of three new interview rooms. These interview rooms would be able to be used for confidential interviews. It is proposed that Community Housing staff will be on duty each day within the new shared facility and there will be access to other Council services such as Welfare Rights. All public services currently available at Aldhammer House would be provided from the new shared facility.

Phase 2 of the project will be to explore and consider the regeneration of Aldhammer House. Further consultation will take place once options have been developed. 

Floor and elevation plans for the new shared facility are being displayed at both Aldhammer House and Prestonpans Library or can be viewed under 'Related Documents' below.

Please feel free to ask a member of staff to explain in more detail any implications of the changes on service delivery.

Why your views matter

We are keen to gather the views of local people and other interested parties on the proposal outlined above.


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