Rent Consultation 2018-2019

Closed 22 Dec 2017

Opened 9 Nov 2017

Feedback updated 26 Feb 2018

We asked

We asked tenants and registered tenants organisations for their views on our rent consultation and a proposed rent increase of 5%.

You said

95% of respondents said they were happy with the level of consultation and information they get about the annual rent increase

91% think the rent they pay is good value for money

79% said that they think the proposal to increase rents by 5% is fair

We did

All the feedback from the consultation was put in a report for the Council's budget meeting on Tuesday 13th February 2018 to inform the Council and Elected Members of the outcome of the consultation. At that meeting a decision was made to increase rents by 5%. We will write out to all our tenants now to tell them what their rent and services changes will be for 2018/19.


East Lothian Council consults with tenants, tenants' and residents' groups and East Lothian Tenants and Residents Panel (ELTRP) every year on our proposals to increase rents. This year, the consultation will end on Friday 22 December 2017.

Last year, the majority of tenants who responded to our consultation regarding a 5% rent increase agreed with the council's commitment to build new homes and continue with the modernisation of its existing housing stock. They also said that they thought the rent they pay is good value for money, and that the council were proposing a fair increase.

You can find details of how your rent money is currently spent by clicking on the 'Rent Level Consultation Leaflet' under Related Documents below.


As provisionally indicated within the budget approved earlier this year for 2018-19, the council are considering a rent increase of 5%. This is our best estimate of what it will take to maintain existing services, continue with our investment in the development of new council homes, and maintain and improve our existing housing stock.

We would really like to hear your opinion on our proposals and hope that you can spare a few minutes to complete the enclosed questionnaire to let us know your views.

How to Have Your Say

If you are a council tenant you will receive a letter and a printed questionnaire through the post over the next week or so. You can either complete and return the printed questionnaire, or you can respond online by following the link below.

If you would like more information or to talk to someone about rent proposals, please get in touch with Deborah Piner in the Service Development Team - Freephone 0800 413 721 or email or write to Community Housing, East Lothian Council, Penston House, Macmerry Industrial Estate, EH33 1EX.



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