Do you live in the Haddington area? - Share your views about learning

Closed 11 May 2015

Opened 30 Mar 2015


Haddington & Lammermuir Area Partnership is working with Knox Academy to explore local people’s attitudes to learning. A survey has been developed asking adults living in the Haddington area about their own experience of learning both at school and since leaving school.

The thinking behind this survey is that young people’s approach to learning can be strongly influenced by the attitudes of those around them – teachers and other pupils at school have an influence, but so can the adults they spend time with outside school – family, friends, coaches, employers and other members of their local community.

The survey findings will be used by Knox Academy and the Area Partnership to look at opportunities to help support positive approaches to learning across the whole of the local community.



  • Haddington and Lammermuir


  • Local Residents


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