East Lothian Draft Eligibility Criteria for Carers

Closed 31 Dec 2017

Opened 4 Oct 2017


East Lothian Health and Social Care Partnership (ELHSCP) is seeking views on draft Carer Eligibility Criteria.

The new Carers Act places a duty on local authorities and health and social care services, through their health and social care partnerships, to set out local carer eligibility criteria. These are the criteria which will determine whether they have a duty to provide support to individual carers under the Act. The Act also requires carers and representative organisations to be involved in developing the criteria.   

The draft East Lothian Eligibility Criteria consist of a set of indicators that describe the impact of the caring role on the carer. They are based on best practice as developed by the National Carer Organisations.

You can view the draft East Lothian eligibility criteria here.

We welcome all comments about the draft criteria, but you may want to consider the following three questions:

  • Do our draft Eligibility Criteria take into account over-arching matters, for example, prevention and early intervention to prevent carers' needs from escalating?
  • Is there enough detail / information on how the criteria will be applied, scored and used to determine the level of need?
  • Do our draft Elibility Criteria meet what has been set out in the legislation and take a preventative approach?

To share your views you can either email your comments to elhscp@eastlothian.gov.uk or complete our online form below.

(We have already carried out some initial consultation on developing eligibility criteria through a large stakeholder workshop that took place in June, you can see more details of this here.)


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