East Lothian Primary Care Improvement Plan

Closes 30 Apr 2021

Opened 1 May 2018

Results expected 1 May 2021

Feedback expected 1 May 2021


East Lothian’s Primary Care Improvement Plan was developed in collaboration with primary care professionals, primary care representatives, stakeholders, service managers, the third sector and planners. It aims to develop a model of care which:

  • Develops a multidisciplinary team approach to identifying and meeting patient needs
  • Establishes new ways of working and new ways to deliver primary care services across the county in suitable premises
  • Provides improved, accessible information and education
  • Gives greater provision of supported self-care and self-management
  • Enhances third sector services and community and voluntary support

East Lothian Primary Care Improvement Plan 2018 (002)

Why We Are Consulting

We want to make sure that everyone involved in primary care - professionals and patients - have the opportunity to work with us on how the East Lothian Primary Care Plan is implemented. This is an opportunity to get involved in the future provision of primary care and we look forward to hearing from you.  If you want take part in the conversation, you will find full information at the link below.



  • All Areas


  • Anyone from any background


  • Health & Wellbeing