School Lunch Drink Options - Parent Survey

Closed 2 Oct 2016

Opened 20 Sep 2016

Feedback updated 27 Oct 2016

We asked

We asked parents for their views on a range of lunchtime drink options for primary schools.

You said

1,043 responses were received from parents:

  • 97% said they would like plain water to be available
  • 94% said they would like semi-skimmed milk to be available
  • 48% said they would like naturally flavoured milk drinks to be available
  • 58% said they would like fruit juice mixed with water to be available

Comments received included:

* Some parents were concerned about tooth decay if drinks other than milk and water were on offer

* Other parents were worried that there would not be enough choice for children if drinks were limited to milk and water.

We did

We have listened to the feedback received and also considered advice from the British Dental Health Foundation. Based on this, we have decided to make the following changes:

  1. We have introduced a second water and milk only day onto the weekly menu - Mondays and Wednesdays will now be water and milk only days - this should help encourage children to drink more water / milk
  2. We have introduced a sugar free naturally flavoured milk drink for Thursday lunchtimes. This will add more variety to the menu, particularly for children who would not usually choose milk. If such drinks are consumed along with a meal any risk of tooth decay is significantly reduced.


school lunch

East Lothian Council School Catering is keen to engage with children, parents and teaching staff to encourage support for the school food service and improve the overall service we provide in schools.

The Scottish Government's 'Healthy Eating in Schools' regulations set out the standards for all food and drink provided by the school and local authority. As well as delivering healthy nutritional standards, school food should aim to positively influence food behaviours for future generations.

With this in mind, East Lothian Council School Catering would like to consult with parents from time to time on what food and drink options are offered to pupils at lunchtime.

Our first consultation focuses on the drinks offered at lunchtime in Primary Schools. Results will be collated and fedback to parents and changes to the menu made where appropriate.

You can tell us what you think by following the survey link below.

Paper copies of the survey are also available on request - email or phone 01620 827811



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