Education Governance - Fair Funding to Achieve Excellence and Equity in Education

Closed 22 Sep 2017

Opened 30 Aug 2017


The Scottish Government is seeking views on its future approach to school funding. Their consultation invites views on the current funding of education in Scotland as well as exploring the reasons for developing a new approach. It also provides and seeks views on possible future approaches.    

Currently, East Lothian Council receives funding from the Scottish Government in order to deliver education services and this funding is administered through the local government finance settlement. Local authorities then allocate a portion of this funding to the education service who in turn allocate to schools.

East Lothian Council hopes that as many people as possible take this opportunity to share their views on current and future approached to education funding.

In addition to submitting your views to East Lothian Council, please remember if you wish to reply directly to the Scottish Government you will need to do so separately through their consultation hub.

You can view the Scottish Government's consultation document below.

Why We Are Consulting

East Lothian Council is putting together a response to the Scottish Government consultation and is keen to make sure its response takes account of the views of local people.


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