Guidance for Wind Farms over Twelve Megawatts

Closed 17 May 2013

Opened 2 Apr 2013

Results Updated 26 Nov 2013



The Scottish Government has set challenging targets for renewable energy development, including onshore wind farms.  Scottish Planning Policy indicates that planning authorities should prepare spatial frameworks to guide onshore wind farm development, indicating areas of significant protection, areas with potential constraints, and 'Areas of Search' for wind farm development.

East Lothian Council's planning service has prepared a draft document, which provides spatial guidance for wind farm developments of 12MW and over.  It identifies the majority of the area as requiring significant protection.  One 'Area of Search' has been identified at Monynut in the eastern Lammermuirs, although the Scottish Government approved the Wester Dod/Aikengall II wind farm in this area on 1 March 2013.  If this wind farm is constructed then there will be no other available 'Area of Search' in East Lothian.  There is an online survey seeking your views on this Guidance below.

Note that guidance for smaller scale wind turbine development is given separately in other existing Council documents. Consultation on a modification to this guidance is also taking place now (see related consultations, below).  

This draft Supplementary Planning Guidance document was presented to the Council's Cabinet meeting on 12 March 2013.  Cabinet agreed that it should be published for a period of public consultation, along with its associated Strategic Environmental Assessment. The Explanatory Note (2 pages of A4) in the Related Downloads section gives a summary of the guidance and background information. 

The survey below aims to help focus responses on the choices to be made. If you would prefer however, you can send comments to the Policy and Projects Team in the following ways:

Email:  policy&

Post: Policy and Projects, Housing and Environment, East Lothian Council, John Muir House, Haddington, EH41 3HA.

There is a map you can annotate to support your comments in the 'Related downloads' section, which can be used to indicate general areas. This can be printed and posted in (please add your name so it can be matched up with the rest of your response) or re-scanned and sent electronically. If you do scan it please make sure any areas marked are clearly visible. You can also use your own mapping if you wish. 

This consultation will run from 2 April 2013 to 4pm, 17 May 2013.


Why We Are Consulting

We are consulting to seek views on the Guidance for Windfarms Over 12MW. Does the guidance give enough protection to valued aspects of East Lothian's environment? Should more Areas of Search be identified?

This Environmental Report is also being made available for public consultation. The statutory Strategic Environmental Assessment process requires consultation on both the Environmental Report and the Guidance. If the response to the Environmental Report raises a relevant environmental issue that has implications for the guidance, then the Council will consider if any change is required to the proposed Guidance.

What Happens Next

Officers will consider the results of the survey and any other comments received.  Revisions may be made to the Guidance in the light of comments made. A report containing a summary of the comments and the proposed response will be presented to Councillors at the same time as the final version of the Guidance. The Environment Report will also be presented. The target for presentation of the final version of the Guidance, along with the report on consultation, is before the summer recess 2013, however this is dependent on the volume and complexity of responses.   


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