Special Landscape Area Suggestion Box

Closed 12 Apr 2015

Opened 11 Dec 2014

Results expected 30 Jun 2015

Feedback updated 31 Aug 2016

We asked

for your opinions on where the best views in East Lothian were, and areas that you considered 'special' in terms of their landscape. We also asked what landscape improvements might be needed.   

You said

You gave us varied suggestions on special areas, including the coast, woodland, farmland and mountain areas. You also told us about the best views to be had across the area. You gave us suggestions, some broad, some specific, to improve East Lothians landscape.

We did

We took your suggestions for areas that are special and considered each one for inclusion within a Special Landscape Area. The good views you told us about informed the Statement of Importance written for each Special Landscape Area. The landscape improvements you identified, where relevant to the scope of the Landscape Review, were included with a Statement of Importance.  The Special Landscape Areas have now been included in the Proposed Local Development Plan for East Lothian. Further details are available on the East Lothian Committee Information pages here: http://www.eastlothian.gov.uk/meetings/meeting/5987/east_lothian_council

For details of how comments on the Landscape Suggestion Box consultatation were taken into account, see http://www.eastlothian.gov.uk/download/meetings/id/18015/14416_proposed_local_development_plan_technical_note_9_local_landscape_designation_review_appendix_iii_public_consultation



East Lothian Council is carrying out a review of its landscapes with a view to designating Special Landscape Areas. These landscapes will then be given protection through the policies of the East Lothian Local Development Plan. The Council previously designated Areas of Great Landscape Value, which date from the 1960s. The landscape of East Lothian has changed since then, and new guidance has been produced on how locally valuable landscapes should be identified. With the production of a new Local Development Plan pending, this is an ideal time to review our landscape designations.

Why your views matter

We are looking for suggestions of areas within East Lothian that you consider 'special', to be considered for designation as Special Landscape Areas. These can be places that you enjoy visiting, places with beautiful scenery, places for recreation, natural places, places that have historical importance or particular importance to you.

The areas should be in the countryside, or natural areas within towns. They can range in size from small beauty spots or isolated landscape features to more extensive landscapes.

What happens next

All suggestions will be considered during the assessment of Special Landscape Areas. Candidate areas will be identified, and these will be proposed for designation either in the Local Development Plan or related Supplementary Guidance. Anyone wishing to comment on the areas chosen can do so by making representation on these.


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