Future Spaces for People in East Lothian

Closed 26 Nov 2021

Opened 13 Oct 2021

Results expected 17 Dec 2021


This online survey gives East Lothian residents the opportunity to comment on the impact of Spaces for People interventions, and particularly on the impact of the 20mph speed limits in their area as part of a process to evaluate whether any aspect of the new arrangements should be made permanent.

Alongside this we are working with a market research company to conduct a postal survey of a representative sample of local people, and a survey of community councils.


The new lower speed limits were introduced in response to public concerns over high vehicle speeds when large number of people were out walking and cycling during the early days of the pandemic travel restrictions in 2020. They have been welcomed by many communities, and they have had an impact in reducing traffic speeds in many places. (You can view the before and after speed measurements here)

Where speeds have not reduced significantly, there are additional measures we can take such as additional signage and awareness-raising which could help to change driver behaviour.

More information about the Space for People project can be found at www.eastlothian.gov.uk/spaces-for-people

Why your views matter

We want to understand how the lower speed limits and other interventions have affected you and your family as you live or work in East Lothian.

What happens next

Council officers will make a recommendation to elected members based on the results of the online and postal surveys. They will take into account responses from the emergency services, and data from traffic surveys when making the recommendation. 

If approved, the statutory process will be followed to make the new speed limits permanent.

The residual Spaces for People projects will be considered individually for retention or removal, depending on the results of this survey.


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