Nature Networks East Lothian (Parks and Greenspaces)

Closed 5 Jul 2023

Opened 13 Jun 2023


About this project

We are keen to bring nature closer to our communities, by enhancing and extending our nature networks and boosting biodiversity in our parks and greenspaces. This will bring wide ranging benefits not just to nature, but also to the health and wellbeing of our local communities, and will help us tackle the climate emergency.

Following the success of nature restoration projects across East Lothian’s countryside sites, this project will identify, explore and provide advice on opportunities in parks and greenspaces in our towns and villages, supported by our communities. We will aim to deliver these over the coming years.

What are Nature Networks?

A nature network connects nature rich sites, restoration areas and other environmental projects through a series of areas of suitable habitat, habitat corridors and ‘stepping stones’ for wildlife. These include hedgerows, longer grass, meadows and trees, rain/bog gardens or wetland areas. As well as helping our wildlife, other benefits to nature networks include helping us to adapt to climate change in our urban areas.


Why your views matter

Parks and greenspaces are at the heart of our communities, as social spaces, places for sports and exercise, group activities, spaces for play and as spaces to get outdoors and into nature. They also play an important role as vital areas of habitat for wildlife within urbanised and developed areas. 

This survey will help East Lothian Council to identify opportunities where nature and biodiversity can be enhanced and which nature networks could be expanded across East Lothian’s parks and greenspaces in our towns and villages.

Your feedback will help us identify which types of nature enhancements people would support and would like to see in their local area.


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  • Anyone from any background


  • Parks & open spaces
  • Biodiversity