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Closed 27 Nov 2015

Opened 5 Oct 2015


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East Lothian Council is considering new measures to tackle concerns raised by local people over the lack of parking attendants across the county. At a meeting of full Council on the 25th August it was agreed to move to the next stage of introducing Decriminalised Parking Enforcement (DPE).

The proposal to introduce DPE follows Police Scotland’s decision to withdraw the Traffic Warden Service in 2014, leaving local authorities to look at alternative options for enforcing parking restrictions. Fifteen local authorities across Scotland have already introduced DPE, and others are also investigating this option.

The absence of effective parking restriction enforcement raises a number of issues, particularly in relation to our town centres:

  • Less 'short stay' parking is available due to people parking for long periods of time
  • Fewer people use town centre shops and other facilities, impacting on the town's overall wellbeing and vibrancy
  • Local shops and businesses are adversely effected
  • Loading bays are ignored, again with an adverse impact on business and road safety
  • Vehicles  parked in unsafe locations restrict traffic movement and reduce visibility for drivers / pedestrians
  • Spaces reserved for blue badge holders aren’t enforced and those with mobility issues cannot access town centre parking


If DPE is introduced in East Lothian the Council would become the enforcing Authority and non-endorsable parking offences would no longer be the responsibility of Police Scotland. This would mean that Council employed parking attendants would be able to place Penalty Charge Notices (PCNs) on vehicles parked contrary to traffic regulation orders.

At present, all money raised through parking fines goes to the UK Treasury. Under DPE, East Lothian Council would keep the charges from Penalty Charge Notices. The income raised could only be used to fund enforcement activities, improve off-street parking facilities and for other traffic management purposes.  


You can share your views by completing the online survey below or you can send any comments in writing to:

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East Lothian Council would like to gather the views of the general public as well as other stakeholders on its proposal to introduce Decriminalised Parking Enforcement.



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