Alcohol (Licensing, Public Health and Criminal Justice) (Scotland) Bill - Scottish Parliament Consultation

Closed 28 Sep 2015

Opened 9 Sep 2015


The Scottish Parliament's Health & Sport Committee is running a survey on a Alcohol (Licensing, Public Health and Criminal Justice) (Scotland) Bill.

The Bill's overall aim is to promote public health and reduce alcohol-related offending through measures that:

  • Place restrictions on the retailing and advertising of alcoholic drinks
  • Make changes to licensing laws
  • Place obligations on the Scottish Ministers to publish, review and report on their alcohol education policy
  • Direct certain people whose offending or antisocial behaviour is attributable to alcohol consumption towards treatment or restrictions on that consumption


Its provisions relate to:

  • Minimum price of packages containing more than one alcoholic product
  • Alcoholic drinks containing caffeine
  • Age discrimination: off-sales
  • Container marking: off-sales
  • Applications for, or to vary, premises licence: consultation and publicity
  • Restrictions on advertising of alcohol
  • Alcohol education policy statements
  • Drinking banning orders
  • Fixed penalty offences involving alcohol: alcohol awareness training as alternative to fixed penalty
  • Offences involving alcohol: notification of offender’s GP


Why We Are Consulting

The Health & Sport Committee would like to gather a range of views on the proposals to introduce a new Bill. Committe members will take into account the views expressed in the survey as part of their overall consideration of the Bill.



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