Common Good Consultation

Closed 20 Aug 2021

Opened 4 Jun 2021


Under the Community Empowerment (Scotland) Act 2015, councils are required to publish a list of all Common Good assets in its care – generally property or land which was formerly owned by town councils.

The Council also holds Common Good assets such as paintings, chains of office and cash assets in Common Good accounts.

The list prepared by East Lothian Council sets out Common Good assets which are considered to be either ‘alienable’ (in other words those which can be sold or leased) or ‘inalienable’ (those which cannot).

Further information on the terms used and the legal basis for Common Good assets are attached to this consultation along with the list of assets - see 'Related documents' at the bottom of this page. Maps are provided for reference where relevant and available.

Why your views matter

Before finalising its list the Council is required to carry out a public consultation to determine the extent of the assets which it believes to be held in Common Good.


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