Creating a Brand - East Lothian Health & Social Care Partnership

Closed 30 Sep 2015

Opened 11 Sep 2015


During 2015, a new East Lothian Health and Social Care Partnership (HSCP) took over responsibility for local health and adult social care services formerly delivered through East Lothian Council and East Lothian Community Health Partnership.

The HSCP will now play a major role in the lives of East Lothian residents, as well as in the lives of the staff involved in delivering health and social care services across the county. However, many people would find it hard to say what the Health and Social Care Partnership is or what it does, and many others will not even be aware that it exists.

With this in mind, the HSCP is keen to establish a 'brand' that people will recognise - amongst other things this involves choosing a logo for the Partnership to use.

The Partnership would like to gather feedback on these logos from members of the public, staff who deliver health and social care plus colleagues from other organisations




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  • Local Residents
  • Service Users


  • Health & Wellbeing