Library Service - Customer Survey

Closed 25 May 2013

Opened 6 May 2013

Feedback updated 4 Oct 2013

We asked

What customers use their local library for and what they think of the service provided.

You said

The most popular reason for visiting a library was to borrow books (64%), followed by borrowing DVDs (23%) and using a computer (20%). Respondents expressed a high level of satisfaction in relation to the service received and the help and support provided by library staff. Some comments were made in relation to opening hours and access to library buildings.

We did

We are considering how to improve access and toilets at Musselburgh Library and whether opening hours at Dunbar can be increased. We will continue to investigate e-book provision. We will conduct surveys regularly to seek the views of customers on service delivery.

Results updated 3 Oct 2013

The results of the Customer Service can be viewed below (in either Word or PDF form).





The Library Service is carrying out a consultation on what customers are using their local library for and what they think about the service provided.

Customers visiting town libraries between the 6th May and the 25th May will be asked about their visit as they leave the library. Customer visiting village libraries during this period will be handed a survey to complete themselves.

(As North Berwick Library is currently located in temporary accomodation, a survey will be conducted later this year once the library relocates back to the building in School Road.)  

Why your views matter

Carrying out this consultation will help us to plan for future developments and to improve the service we provide.  


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