Library Survey 2021

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Closes 11 Jul 2021

Library Survey

1. Have you used the Library Service within the last 12 – 18 months (include the period prior to COVID)?
2. Which library branches have you visited in the last 12 – 18 months? (please tick all that apply)
3. Which library do you use most? (please tick just one)
4. If you use the Local History Library which Family History digital resource would you like to see available in the John Gray Centre?
5. Thinking about the branch you use most often, when do you usually visit the library? (please tick a maximum of 3 boxes)
6. Again thinking about the Library branch you use most often, how satisfied are you with the current opening hours at that branch?
7. What are your main reasons for using the library? (please tick all that apply)
8. If you ticked “Using a PC” or “Using Wi-Fi” above what did you use it for? (please tick all that apply)
9. If you haven’t used the Library Service during the last 12 – 18 months please tell us why (if the only reason you haven’t used the Library Service is due to COVID – please say so).
10. Are you aware of the range of digital resources provided by the Library Service? Have you used any of these digital resources within the last 12 – 18 months? (please tick all that apply)
11. If the library were to offer wireless printing at a charge, where you could print a document from home and then collect it in the library would you use this service?
12. In the past year, we have provided a popular Click and Collect service where customers have either phoned or requested books online and then collected them from one of our libraries. If you have used Click and Collect, would you like this service to continue, even if you were able to come into a library again and choose your own books?
13. In the past 10 years, East Lothian Council has invested in new buildings and libraries have been included within these buildings: John Gray Centre (Haddington), Bleachingfield Centre (Dunbar), North Berwick Library and Museum, George Johnstone Centre (Tranent) and the Margaret Oliphant Library within Wallyford Primary School. Visitor figures have increased accordingly. Do you agree that libraries should be part of a larger building wherever possible?
14. If you answered ‘yes’ to Q15, which buildings do you think would be most suitable for a library (please tick all that apply)
15. Libraries now provide many additional services although their core purpose is to continue to provide books for lending. In order to help us prioritise our services please identify what you think are the 5 most important issues which we need to concentrate on with the top priority being rated 1:

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